Arete Senior Secondary School located at the heart of the Hailakandi district is an institution established by Arete Educational Trust (AET) for ensuing Higher Secondary courses under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC). The education in Arete gives you a fantastic platform to explore everything that the latest information and technology has to offer.

Arete has been developed by outstanding academic staffs with the input of passed out students of various institutes and prominent figures of different institutions. Our academic staffs are engaged in latest research activities that are transforming the world in which we live. So, you will be educated by the qualified and experienced academic staffs who are at the forefronts of their fields.

Our vision is to provide affordable quality education, making students well equipped with knowledge and skills in their respective stream, introduce values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential and prepare them as future leaders, entrepreneurs and above all as humans with good moral values.

To combat for quality education keeping in mind the motto of the college, "Excellence in Education" and prepare the students for acquiring knowledge, skills and sensibility.


Shamima Khanom Laskar

M. A., LLB - English

Mr. Immanuel Choudhury

M. A. - Economics

Mr. M. U. Barbhuiya

M. A., B. Ed. - History

Mr. Moin Uddin Barbhuiya

M. A., B. Ed., M.Ed. - Education

Ms. Keya Nag

M. A., B. Ed. - Logic & Philosophy

Mr. Samsuzzaman Barbhuiya

M.Sc. - Biology

Mr. S. Dey

M.Com. - Accountancy

Mr. Saharul Islam Mazarbhuiya

M. A. - Political Science

Mr. Sajjadur Rahman Laskar

M. Sc. - Computer Science

Mr. Sidhartha Sankar Das

M. A. - English

Md. Shah Paran Laskar

M. Sc., M.Phil. - Biology

Mr. Akbar Hussain

M. Sc., B. Ed. - Chemistry

Mr. Sourav Choudhury

M. Sc. - Physics

Mr. Jahid Hussain Laskar

B. Tech. - Mathematics

Ms. Sushmita Chakraborty

M. A., B. Ed. - Bengali

Mr. Azad Sharif Mazarbhuiya

M. Sc., B. Ed. - Biology

Ms. Reshmi Singha

M.A., B. Ed. - Manipuri

Mr. Zakir Hussain Laskar

M. Sc., B. Ed. - Chemistry

Mr. Kumarjit Chakraborty

M.A., B. Ed. - Bengali

Mr. Fakrul Alom Mazarbhuiya

B.A. - Accountant

Mr. Mustaque Ahmed Mazarbhuiya

M. A., B. Ed. - Persian

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